Community Impact

Manchester is a national refugee resettlement center, accepting 100-150 new refugees each year. These individuals and families come from Bhutan, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Iraq, Somalia, Burundi, and many other countries. New arrivals receive cash assistance and, in most cases, are placed within jobs within the first eight months in the US. However, the process of sustainable integration requires a longer-term commitment. This is where ORIS comes in; we are a provider of continued integration services specifically targeting the newly arrived refugee and immigrant population.

In the neighborhood where ORIS’s office is located, families from other countries far outnumber families born in the U.S. ORIS cultivates relationships with all of the ethnic communities in the city. Our office is located in Oddfellows Hall, which was repurposed by the City of Manchester to house multiple community organizations, offering a unique opportunity to conduct outreach to Manchester’s diverse communities. ORIS serves approximately 250 refugee clients per year via case management. The core activity involves “bridging case management services.” Utilizing our wide-spread community relationships and in-depth knowledge of local service providers, ORIS links refugee clients with the linguistically and culturally appropriate means to access existing services.