Employment Services

ORIS’s employment services include assisting refugee clients with resume writing, job searches, applications, and interpretation at interviews. In addition, ORIS makes referrals to service providers and other non-profit agencies with specialized employment services. In addition, we offer skill-building workshops on topics such as financial literacy. Finally, ORIS’s Youth Programs provide employment opportunities for refugee and immigrant teenagers.

If you need employment assistance, please contact Alex Sebantu asebantu@refugeesuccess.org or (603) 296-0443.


ORIS develops working relationships with the refugee community and has a large pool of earnest job seekers seeking employment.  We conduct thorough intake services so we can help match skillsets with the needs of local area businesses to create a win-win situation for both employee and employer.  We work with all businesses, ranging from small businesses to large hiring companies.  Contact us today to find out how to begin working with us.