Fresh Start Farms

Fresh Start Farms-NH is a collective of refugee and immigrant farmers who are participating in the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project. These New American farmer entrepreneurs represent the Somali-Bantu, Bhutanese, Burundi, and Congolese communities, as well as other ethnic groups.

Under the Fresh Start Farms name, all NASAP farmers in Manchester are covered by a farm and market liability insurance policy, enabling them to market and sell their goods through farmers markets, farm stands, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, as well as wholesale and other viable outlets. At the center of the Fresh Start Farms-NH logo is a flowering okra plant. Okra is widely cultivated around the world and serves as a symbol of the common thread of agriculture among NASAP participants of varying ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds.

Produce is grown with soil health, environmental well being, and consumer happiness in mind. Fresh Start Farms, located in Dunbarton, New Hampshire, is a spray-free farm in which farmers use integrated pest management practices with culturally appropriate growing techniques. Fresh Start Farms is a project of the non-profit Organization for Refugee and Immigrant Success (ORIS), located in Manchester, New Hampshire. 100% of the profits from the farm go back to the New American farm entrepreneurs.

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