ORIS Staff

Biographical Sketches of Key Personnel

Mukhtar Idhow's Photo Mukhtar Idhow (PD), Executive Director of ORIS, leads an innovative ethnic self-help organization that serves refugees from a variety of countries. In this role he manages an agricultural program that coordinates land access, training, technical assistance, and translation services for refugee farmers. A native of Somalia, Mr. Idhow attended high school and secondary school in Kenya. He worked as the Farm Training Coordinator for the non-profit organization GT2 where he trained refugee camp residents on basic crop production. In the U.S., Mr. Idhow worked as an interpreter for the Manchester Community Health Center and for Southern New Hampshire Services, where he was a liaison and interpreter between Somali clients and medical providers, city schools, the Dept. of Health and Human Services (DHHS), and other service providers in the community.  You can reach Mr. Idhow at midhow@refugeesuccess.org





charleneCharlene Higgins, NASAP Program Manager. Ms. Higgins supports the NASAP participants to build their skills and capacity, achieve their farm-business goals, increase self-sufficiency, and become integral members of the local food system. She coordinates a variety of training and market access activities for the New American Sustainable Agriculture Project, assists advanced farmers in their transition to independence through the development of cooperative enterprises, and supports other innovative initiatives within the agriculture program.  Ms. Higgins brings experience working with limited-resource populations from diverse cultural, socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and is passionate about building strong, equitable and participatory communities. Ms. Higgins holds a B.A. in Anthropology and a B.S. in Environmental & Resource Economics from the University of New Hampshire, and she is currently pursuing her M.A. in Community Development Policy & Practice from the UNH Carsey School of Public Policy.  You can reach Ms. Higgins at chiggins@refugeesuccess.org





Alex Sebantu, Employment Specialist & Case Manager Mr. Sebantu works full time at ORIS, He start working with refugee in 2014 as Employment Specialist & Case manager. He prepare refugees for job interviews through regular orientations training on U.S. work ethics and providing employment opportunities to refugees. He also conducting outreach in a variety of languages. Mr. Sebantu is fluent in English, French, Swahili, Kirundi and Kinyarwanda. You can reach Mr. Sebantu at asebantu@refugeesuccess.org







Ameenah Shabazz

You can reach Ms. Shabazz at ashabazz@refugeesuccess.org




Hibo Ali

You can reach Ms. Ali at hali@refugeesuccess.org




Minata Toure

You can reach Ms. Toure at mtoure@refugeesuccess.org