New American Sustainable Agriculture Project


The New American Sustainable Agriculture Project (NASAP) assists new Americans to build sustainable farm enterprises that are consistent with their culture and lifestyle aspirations and that strengthen regional, sustainable food systems as a whole. ORIS believes that income opportunities which honor the skills and business experiences that refugees bring to this county are vital for their economic integration. Refugees in New Hampshire have unique agricultural knowledge and experience. They have the skills and ambition necessary to be successful farmers and enhance sustainable agricultural production in the region.

NASAP participants sell their produce under the Fresh Start Farms NH collective brand. Learn more about Fresh Start Farms and ways to purchase produce at


NASAP was initiated in 2002 at Coastal Enterprises, Inc. in Portland, Maine. Its community organizing approach has served hundreds of refugee farmers and gardeners in New Hampshire and Maine. ORIS has been successfully administering NASAP programs in Manchester since 2008. Cultivating Communities, a nonprofit organization based in Maine, runs the sister NASAP program in Portland.

What We Do

ORIS supports New Americans who are starting a farm business through the provision of:

Marketing and Production Workshops
Teaching Sustainable Agriculture Growing Practices
Agricultural ESL classes
Financial Literacy classes
Access to Farm Land
Access to Markets
Marketing Support & Market Development
Business Planning Support
Technical Assistance on the Farm and at Markets