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Welcoming Manchester is a collaborative effort among professionally and ethnically diverse community members all committed to a common goal – the integration and success of Manchester’s immigrants. We wholly believe that welcoming and empowering our immigrant and refugee neighbors will ultimately lead to a healthier, happier environment for everyone.

Welcoming Manchester strives to ensure the success and well-being of Manchester’s immigrants by working in partnership with the local community to create opportunities for immigrant integration and advancement. Throughout the process, we aim to encourage mutual understanding, a spirit of welcome, and a common purpose among all members of the Manchester community.

Welcoming Manchester works within four key areas to help immigrants integrate into the community and advance their personal, social and economic well-being:

1. Economic Development and Employment: Promote city-wide awareness of the economic benefits of immigration and create economic opportunities that help move immigrants toward financial security

2. Health and Social Services: Improve the health and well-being of Manchester’s immigrants by enhancing access to and awareness of available health and social services

3. Language and Education: Develop and enhance opportunities for education, language, citizenship, leadership and social/cultural understanding

4. Civic Engagement: Promote civic engagement of Manchester’s immigrants, enhance voter education, and administer a public relations campaign that effectively reaches the public, business and government sectors


                                   Current Projects:


Manchester Citizenship Center

Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce Joint Task Force

Easter Seals New Hampshire ESL & Job Training Program

Peace Begins at Home

Conversation Café


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For more information on Welcoming Manchester, or if you’d like to get involved, please contact:

Lindsey ShafferCoordinator for Welcoming Manchester
434 Lake Ave., 2nd floor
Manchester, NH 03103
Office: (603) 296-0443
Email: lshaffer@refugeesuccess.org


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Funding for Welcoming Manchester provided by:

Endowment for Health       Norwin S. and Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation    St.Marys Bank logo