Easter Seals NH Job Training Program


St. Mary’s Bank gave $2,500 toward Easter Seals Job Training Program

Welcoming Manchester’s Economic Development & Employment team has been working in partnership with Easter Seals NH to develop a job training program designed specifically for immigrant community members. This training program is unique because, in addition to job-specific skills training, it provides English language instruction, cultural competencies training, hourly pay, and guaranteed employment with Easter Seals upon program completion.

We launched the first session of this paid, 7-week training program in October 2016. The 10 individuals who graduated from that session are now employed as Residential Instructors for Easter Seals NH.

Programs like this simultaneously benefit both employers seeking employees and community members seeking employment and professional growth.  This program is a great example of how an entire community benefits when we all strive to support one another. Welcoming Manchester hopes that this program can serve as a model for future employers wishing to implement a similar program.

At least two more of these Easter Seals training programs are planned for 2017. If interested, please call Tina Sharby, Chief Human Resources Officer of Easter Seals NH at (603) 621-3417.